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Foil Test

An aluminum foil test is a method to evaluate the general cleaning intensity and soundwave coverage throughout the tank. Perform this test as follows:

  • Obtain any regular grade (not heavy duty) aluminum foil sold in a supermarket (less than 0.001 in. thick). Cut a piece large enough to cover 1/2 to 3/4 of your tank bottom.
  • Fill the tank as usual with room temperature UltraDose® Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution (L&R 012) or Ellanar Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate Non-Ammoniated (L&R 273), diluted as specified.
  • Run the machine for 10 minutes without a basket and with heat off, to de-gas the solution.
  • Lower the foil into the operating tank vertically and centered to the bottom.
  • Continue to hold the foil and let the machine run for one minute.
  • Turn the machine off and remove the foil.
  • Examine you piece of foil. There should be a peening effect and/or some perforations on the the foil. The location and size of those peening or perforation patterns indicate the cleaning intensity and uniformity of the ultrasonic sound waves in the tank. 




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