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For an effective clean, it is essential to use a solution that properly matches the cleaning task. Our premium solutions are specially formulated and rigorously tested
in our own lab. Each solution is developed for a specific cleaning function.

  Ultrasonic Solution Concentrates and Cleaning Powders

Alginate Remover
Removes alginate materials from nickel, chrome, steel and plastic impression trays. Two ounces of concentrated powder yields one quart of solution.
AutoClean Autoclave Cleaner & Enhancer
Removes hard water scale and lime deposits that accumulate in the autoclave chamber during normal use. Concentrated. Available in quarts.
Barrier Milk
After ultrasonic cleaning and before sterilization, a one-minute dip in Barrier Milk extends instrument life by providing complete protection from rust and corrosion and keeps hinged instruments moving smoothly. (For autoclave use only.) Available in gallons.
E-VAC Evacuation System
Cleaner Concentrate

Specially formulated to dissolve organic debris, rope saliva and blood. Powerful non-foaming solution cleans away calcium buildup in the lines. Traps, pumps, drains and lines are left clean and minty fresh without manual cleaning. Concentrated. Available in gallons. (Use with the L&R E-VAC PAK Dispenser.)
General Purpose Cleaner Ammoniated
Extra strength for laboratory use. Ideal for instruments, molds, bridges and crowns. Brightens the appearance of both precious and non-precious alloys. Concentrated. Available in gallons.
General Purpose Cleaner

Removes blood, tissue, debris and other contaminants from instruments. Can also be used as a carrier bath for beakers and auxiliary pans. Concentrated. Available in gallons.
Extra Heavy Stain Remover Powder
For use in glass beakers when cleaning heavily stained dentures and partials. One 10 ounce jar makes 1 1/4 gallons of solution.
Plaster & Stone Plaster and Stone Remover
Removes tough-to-clean plaster and stone from dentures, partials, flasks and articulators. Available in gallons.
PreZyme PreSoak Instrument Cleaner
Enzyme-based presoak. Our unique enzyme formula prevents contaminants from drying on instruments by immediately dissolving and removing soils such as dried blood, mucus, debris and foreign matter. Safe for glass, plastics and metals. Also used as an ultrasonic cleaning solution or Evacuation system cleaner. Borax for added cleaning capability. Concentrated. Available in gallons.
Tartar, Light Stain and
Permanent Cement Remover

Removes tartar and light stains from dentures, partials and permanent cements. Can also be used to clean solder flux, oxide, investment, calcium hydroxide, some temporary cements and hard water scale. Available in gallons.
Advanced Formula
Temporary Cement Remover

Removes most of today’s most popular temporary cements and replaces manual removal. Available in gallons.

UltraDose Solutions

UltraDose Germicidal
This Hospital Grade Ultrasonic Cleaner Concentrate cleans and disinfects inanimate, non-porous instrument and appliance surfaces, eliminating residual micro-organisms in one step. Performs as an ultrasonic cleaner, disinfectant, deodorant, germicidal, fungicidal, virucidal and tuberculocidal all-in-one. Each bottle makes 16 gallons of non-irritating, fragrance-free solution. (USA only)
General Purpose Cleaner
This powder cleans instruments, burs, general equipment, orthodontic appliances, gold and porcelain. Effectively removes blood, tissue, debris, buffing compounds, rouge, tripoli and oxides when used in an ultrasonic cleaning machine. One packet makes one gallon of cleaning solution. Each box makes 24 gallons of cleaning solution
Tartar & Light Stain Remover
This powder cleans dentures, partials and bridges when used with a beaker in an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Biodegradable. Use one packet per cleaning. Each box contains 24 applications.
Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution
An excellent cleaner of instruments, burs and orthodontic appliances, this solution removes blood, organic debris, buffing compounds, soils, oxides, rouges and tripoli in an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Each 1 ounce packet makes one gallon of cleaning solution. Each box makes 24 gallons of cleaning solution.



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