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Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
Proper Cleaning Procedure
Instrument Cassettes

Patient Procedure

After usage, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that instruments be pre-cleaned before sterilizing. Ultrasonic cleaning is 16 times more effective than hand-scrubbing.

Pre-clean Instrument Soak System
After usage, place the contaminated instrument in a cassette, tray or basket carrier and immerse into an L&R PreClean holding pan filled with L&R PreZyme solution. Immersing instruments in our PreZyme solution prevents contaminants from drying on instruments by removing blood and debris.

Rinse and Bath Disposal
Remove carrier from the PreClean holding bath and rinse with water. Dispose of holding bath solution daily.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Transfer contaminated instruments via carrier into an ultrasonic system filled with our General Purpose Cleaner Solution to remove blood, tissue, debris and other contaminants.

Water Rinse
After ultrasonic cleaning, rinse the carrier under water. There is no need to touch the instruments.

Protective Barrier

After ultrasonic cleaning, place instruments via carrier in a pan filled with L&R Barrier Milk to prevent corrosion and lubricate hinged instruments and box locks. Immerse for 60 seconds and remove. DO NOT RINSE. (For autoclave use only.)

Wrap instruments coated with L&R Barrier Milk in appropriate packaging and place in the autoclave. Our AutoClean Autoclave Cleaner & Enhancer keeps your autoclave at peak performance by eliminating hard water scale and lime deposits, which build up in the chamber during normal use.
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