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Our Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems and Solutions are manufactured with heavy-duty precision for a variety of industrial applications.


SweepZone® Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
Now our innovative SweepZone family of Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems includes a touchpad digital timer and is constructed with stainless steel wrappers. We’ve combined the uniform cleaning power of SweepZone technology with an easy to use touchpad timer.


Why Use Ultrasonic Cleaning?
Over time, industrial parts, equipment and machinery can build up grease, oils and dirt from normal usage. This results in costly downtime. Ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective method for cleaning even interior cracks and crevices, producing a flawless clean both inside and out. Maximize efficiency and keep your parts and equipment running smoothly by making ultrasonic cleaning part of your routine


From parts finishing to batch processing, ultrasonic cleaning is an important component for the industrial market. Our ultrasonic cleaning machines and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions remove dirt, grime, machine oils and more from parts and equipment and even blind holes. Industrial applications for ultrasonic cleaning include:

• Parts finishing
• Parts cleaning
• Metal finishing
• Pre-treatment
• Degreasing
• Batch processing

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