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Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions and Rinses

It is essential to match the correct ultrasonic solution to the cleaning task. Each L&R cleaning solution is blended for a specific cleaning function.

There are several factors to be understood in order to optimize both cleaning economies and effectiveness: time, temperature and dilution ratio of the solution, combined with an understanding of the contaminant. By identifying these factors, one can choose the solution that not only does a thorough job, but also minimizes disposal problems.

L&R develops and tests each specially formulated cleaning solution in our laboratory to insure maximum effectiveness.

L&R solutions can be utilized in Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems, holding baths, mechanical parts washers and pre-soak procedures where appropriate.

Solvent Free (SF) Aqueous Solutions
SF1 Solvent Free Degreaser Concentrate
• Biodegradable, water-based concentrate
• Designed to replace solvents for removing oils, soils and light greases from metal and plastic surfaces
• Dilutable with up to 7 parts water. Available in 1 and 55 gallons
SF 50 Heavy Duty Solvent Free Degreaser Concentrate
• Biodegradable, water-based, heavy-duty cleaner
• Removes baked-on carbonaceous soils, oils and greases
• Can be diluted from 1:20 to 1:5 (5 to 20% by volume) and heated to accelerate cleaning
• Safe for most metals and plastics
• Available in 1 and 55 gallons

Semi-Aqueous Solutions

Aqualar Cleaning Solution Concentrate
• Biodegradable, water-based, alkaline cleaner
• Dilutable with up to 10 parts water
• Removes greases, oils and polishing compounds on plastics, glass and most metals
• Rinses completely with water
• Available in 1 and 55 gallons
• Do not use on aluminum

Hydro-Sonic Concentrate
• Biodegradable, water-based, ammoniated, heavy-duty detergent with co-solvents
• Remove soils, lapping compounds, waxes, rouges and heavy greases from most metal, glass and other items
• Rinses freely with water
• Recommended dilution 1 part to 7 parts of water
• Available in 1 and 55 gallons

Hydro-Sonic Cleaning Concentrate Non-Ammoniated

• Biodegradable, natural-solvent blend containing citrus oils and surfactants without toxic solvents or caustic
• Diluted 1 part to 7 parts water
• Excellent for cleaning heavy soils and grease from most
   metals and plastics
• Can be heated to 180° F
• Rinses freely with water
• Available in 1 and 55 gallons.

Industrial General Purpose Cleaner Concentrate Non-Ammoniated
• Biodegradable concentrate
• Dilutable with up to 20 parts of water
• Removes water-soluble contaminants, including light oils,
   dirt, dust, light buffing and polishing compounds from
   glass, most plastics and most metals
• Available in gallons
• Do not use on aluminum

PrepClean Buffing Compound Remover Concentrate
• Biodegradable super concentrate used at a 3 to 20%
   concentration with water
• Removes most buffing compounds without discoloration
   of metal
• Can be heated in an ultrasonic machine up to 180° F to
   enhance cleaning
• Contains no film-forming corrosion inhibitors so parts can
   be plated without any additional cleaning
• Available in 1 and 55 gallons
• Do not use on aluminum

PrepClean Plus Buffing Compound Remover Concentrate
Same as PrepClean Buffing Compound Remover above but with a nonferrous metal corrosion inhibitor to protect parts to be stored after cleaning.

Petroleum Based Cleaning Solutions

#112 Ammoniated Ultrasonic Instrument Cleaning Solution
• Natural ammonia soap in a petroleum naphtha base
• Cleans ferrous and nonferrous precision instruments
   without damage to the most delicate parts
• Removes oils, greases, asphalt, tars and other
• Available in 1 and 55 gallons
• For use in conjunction with the L&R instrument rinsing
   solutions listed below

#222 Non-Ammoniated Ultrasonic Instrument Cleaning Solution
• Formulated for cleaning operations where ammonia would
   not be suitable
• Produces the same brilliant results as the #112 when
   used in an ultrasonic system in conjunction with L&R
   rinsing solutions
• Available in 1 and 55 gallons.

Power NoFome Instrument Cleaning Solution
• Blend of natural ammonia soap and auxiliary solvents in
   a petroleum naphtha base
• Quickly dissolves grease and hardened oils from the
   most minute parts
• Ideal for cleaning parking meters
• Use in conjunction with L&R rinsing solutions
• Available in 1 and 55 gallons

Instrument Rinsing Solution
• Blend of petroleum-based solvents
• Removes residues left from L&R cleaning solutions to
   ensure a totally clean surface
• Contains no chlorinated solvents or other harmful
• Available in 1 and 55 gallons
• Safe on most plastics

Ultrasonic Instrument Rinsing Solution
• Blended petroleum solvent product for use in an
   ultrasonic machine
• Dries quickly and leaves no spotting or streaking
• Test on plastic before using
• Available in 1 and 55 gallons

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