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4000 Series

Engineered for heavy-duty precision cleaning, our 4000 Series Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems feature a separate tank and generator configuration. All 4002 Generators feature standard Constant Power Output (CPO) and a thermostatically controlled timer.

SweepZone™ Technology Heater (up to 180F or 83C)

Custom Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks
Our Multi-Chambered Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems are available in many different configurations and tank sizes to fit your specific application. Create a custom system with as many chambers as needed for multiple wash, pre-soak, rinse or drying cycles.

Customize your Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank and benefit from:
• Stainless Steel chamber construction
• Generators with Constant Power Output (CPO)
• Optional SweepZone Technology available
• Solvents eliminated from the cleaning process
• Highly reliable piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers
• In-line cleaning capability
• Adaptable to automated/robotic applications
• Digital timers for cleaning, rinsing and drying functions
• Variable temperature controls
• Easy connections to external electric, water and
   drain sources
• Controllable power from 300 to 1800 Watts per generator
• Available in 5, 6, 12, 22, and 42 gallon capacity chambers,
• Casters available for easy setup and mobility

For more information:
download the 4000 Series specification sheet.

4002 Ultrasonic Cleaning Generators
Our Constant Power Output (CPO) Ultrasonic Generators provide powerful cleaning without jeopardizing delicate electronics or other components. They ensure reliability, repeatability and consistency for industrial cleaning applications, and are easy to service in the field. Generator modules can be replaced by inserting a new circuit board, significantly minimizing downtime.

The secret of the CPO Generator is its ability to regulate power output, regardless of tank load, while automatically compensating for such variables as line voltage during brownouts or power surges, temperature variations and cycle interruptions. Since the power level is kept constant, you get a more effective, consistent clean.

For more information:
download the 4002 Generators specification sheet.

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