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We provide an extensive selection of specially formulated solutions for cleaning fine jewelry including silver. Our solutions are blended and tested in our lab to guarantee exact results. Trust L&R to make your jewelry shine.


Jewelry Cleaning Solutions

Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate Ammoniated
• Strong, effective cleaner with the added
   power of  ammonia
• Our most popular cleaner
• Safe for use on gold, silver, diamonds
   and gemstones
• Adds sparkle and brilliance in minutes
• For use with an ultrasonic cleaning    machine
• Available in pints, gallons or drums
Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate Non-Ammoniated
• Effective solution without the added
• Safe to use on gold, diamonds and gems
• For use with an ultrasonic cleaning
• Available in gallons or drums
PrepClean Buffing Compound Remover Concentrate
• Ideal for manufacturing jewelers
• Provides complete cleaning of buffing
   compounds like rouge and tripoli
• Safe and effective
• For use with an ultrasonic cleaning    machine
• Available in gallons or drums
Ellanar Deluxe Jewelry Cleaner
• Our most popular consumer jewelry    cleaner
• Packaged in an attractive 8 oz jar with a    tamper-proof seal
• Includes unitized brush and tray for    cleaning ease and convenience
• Cap imprinting and private label available
• Available with screened cap
Ellanar Silver Dip
• Instantly removes tarnish from sterling    silver and silver plate serving pieces
• No rubbing required
• Available in 16 oz container
Ellanar Silver Jewelry Cleaner
• Simple, effective dip cleaner that requires    no scrubbing
• Just dip, rinse and dry silver jewelry— it    cleans in seconds
• Cleaning tray included
• Available in 8 oz tamper-proof jars
• Cap imprinting and private label available
Ellanar Silver Polish and Tarnish Barrier
• Provides scratch-free polishing of silver
• Applies a safe, protective tarnish barrier
• Protects sterling silver and silver plate for    months at a time
• Pleasant almond scent
• Easy to use

Watch Cleaning Solutions

#3 Watch Rinsing Solution
• Quick-drying, clear, petroleum distillate,
   specially formulated by L&R chemists
• Contains no benzol or chlorinated    solvents
• Leaves no oily film
#111 Ultrasonic Watch Cleaning Solution

• For use with all L&R rinses and ultrasonic
   watch cleaning systems
• Specially formulated ammoniated cleaner
   provides complete cleaning
#566 Ultrasonic Watch Cleaning Solution

• For use when ammonia fumes are    unacceptable
• For use with L&R #3 Rinse or L&R
   Ultrasonic Watch Rinsing Solution
   (Solo-Lube or Duo-Lube Process)
#677 Waterless Clock Cleaning Solution Non-Ammoniated
• Meets heavy demands of cleaning clock
• Ready-to-use, waterless and
Clock Cleaning Solution Concentrate
• Most effective for ultrasonic, mechanical
   or manual cleaning
• Safe, water-based, ammoniated product
• Diluted: one part to seven parts water
Extra Fine Watch Cleaning Solution
• Highest possible clean for watch parts
• Formulated for mechanical watch cleaning
   machines that require a more efficient
   cleaning material
Clock Lube Ultrasonic Lubricating and Rinsing Solution
• Complete lubricating and rinsing solution
• For use with L&R #677 Clock Cleaning
Ultrasonic Watch Rinsing Solution
• Ideal solution for ultrasonic cavitation and
   for use with Duo-Lube and Solo-Lube
• Fast-drying and won’t break down



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